Internship Reviews

"My internship experience at Iron Performance Center was a key piece of my education and pushed me closer to pursuing a career as a strength coach. IPC's experienced strength coaches gave me the confidence to create effective strength programs for a variety of clients. I enjoyed being able to practice new techniques and bend the bar in great company. I would definitely recommend this internship to anyone pursuing a career in strength and conditioning as it will give you all the tools and practical experience you need for your future." -Coach Jen Winger
coach winger in a red iron performance center hoodie speaking with students

Strength Coach Training

"Being a part of the IPCU community and working with Coach Myles and Coach Matrixx really opened my eyes to how much I could still learn about the field of strength and conditioning. I love the way the internship was set up, as we were able to discuss a new topic within the strength and conditioning realm each week. By listening to their lectures, practising hands-on skills and reviewing the assigned curriculum, I was able to learn how to program for different sport demands while building my coaching experience. If you are an aspiring S&C coach and are truly serious about improving your skills, I highly recommend (and urge) you to become a part of the IPCU family. Being an intern at IPC was one of the best decisions I have made for my coaching career." - Tyler Schneider