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Summer Swole

Summer Swole

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Beach season has arrived and what better feeling than showing up on the sand with a pump? For this program, we are focusing on getting Swole for the Summer with the 6-12-25 method! 

The 6-12-25 protocol is so powerful and potent that only two workouts per week will be focused around it. Keeping a schedule of two heavy days per week and two volume days per week, the 6-12-25 method will be used on volume days and more traditional heavy strength training will be reserved for the heavy days. 

This program consists of four days a week (2 upper and 2 lower). Workouts should be completed in about an hour. Remember, in order to grow we must FEED THE MACHINE. Ensure you are fuelling your body with an increased amount of quality foods and getting plenty of sleep.


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