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Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave

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Summers not over yet! It’s time to get in touch with your inner surfer and ride some waves! For this program, we are focusing on strengthening our main lifts using wave loading. Waves take advantage of post activation potentiation (PAP), which means that previous muscle contraction enhances the following muscle contraction, like a nervous system primer. 

When performing waves, the reps decrease for the first three sets, then the following three sets repeat the same rep scheme again but with heavier weight; hence another wave. For example, week 1 consists of 2 waves of 7-5-3. On the second wave, the set of 7 will be slightly heavier than the first set of 7, the set of 5 will be heavier than the first set of 5, and so on. 

We finish each day with either arms or trunk work, so you’re ready for the beach at any time. Grab your board and let’s get to work! Surfs Up!


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