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Trics Up Your Sleeve

Trics Up Your Sleeve

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It’s April Fools month, meaning you’ve got to have some trics up your sleeve. No, I am not spelling tricks wrong, I am talking about the three types of contraction: eccenTRIC (muscle lengthening), isomeTRIC (no change in muscle length) and concenTRIC (muscle shortening).

 All contractions are used in your sporting endeavours and even activities of daily life, so developing them in the weight room is important! The plan involves 4 days of work, consisting of eccentric, isometric and concentric days followed by an optional conditioning day. If you need more clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Remember, the work is done in the gym, but the gains happen during recovery so make sure you’re eating and sleeping right to allow for optimal growth. Let’s head into summer right; get after it!


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